there is an half & half on the menu
should we order one?

sounds of random spoken words

lip corners shake, swing and sway to face the other way

encircled by this mix of something fully
we cheers to an ouverture:

tinkle, jinglejangle … chink, clinkwhiz and … tsjing


Dragonfly story

Dragonfly Story

Apple Story

Apple Story by SK

Story in 7 parts

Part two:

The branches of the tree thrive in the wind.

I stretch my arms and try to do the same,

‘A little more practice’ says a voice in my head..



Story in 7 parts


Part one:

Smoke from the chimney

Another chimney

And still …

The smoke winds its way through the landscape,

when I blow a kiss out from the train



A panoramic view in front of my mind.

An eyewink in a transparent distance.

A mile of wire, it seems.

With every move I make, I make a knot in the string.

This embracing point.

Such as my thoughts to you: they have a line.


stop with vista

stop with vista